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Research Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy Profile

The Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy (CSOP) was initially established by the Rector Decree no. 0811/SK/R/UI/2014 as the Research Cluster for Sustainable Ocean Policy. The establishment of the research cluster is aimed to conduct researches on issues related to the sustainable management of the ocean and marine environment. The ocean is filled with many interests from various stakeholders, so there needs to be a strategic, effective and efficient policy on the use of the sea, including balancing the rights and obligations of the States at sea. Marine resources should be used wisely since it is an exhaustible resource comprised of both living and non-living resources. Therefore, there is a need for sustainable marine policies so that what is enjoyed by the present generation can still be enjoyed by the generations to come.

Since it was established in 2014, the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy has reviewed the Implementation of Indonesia’s Obligation on Straits Used for International Shipping and Indonesia’s Small Scale Fisheries Policy. In conducting this study, researchers engaged in numerous field research and desk study. The research results have been disseminated in Focus Group Discussion (FGD) which presented stakeholders and resource persons from relevant ministries, including but not limited to the Indonesian Navy, the Ministry of Marine Affairs And Fisheries, and judicial stakeholders. CSOP has also conducted legal training on the law of the sea and international law for the Indonesian Navy and Indonesia Maritime Security Board. This center, therefore, has undertaken its duty in providing advocacy and consultancy to the government and stakeholders on various aspects pertaining to the sustainable uses of the sea. 

In accordance with its scope of research work, the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy has conducted research on “cross-cutting issues” with a focus on international law, international relations, environmental, and policy dimensions. Cross-cutting issues that have been addressed in CSOP research works are fisheries policy, labor rights in Indonesia fisheries industry, smuggling of goods and people and trafficking by sea, shipping, mineral resources at sea, immigration and customs, search and rescue at sea, salvage, criminal offenses at sea, biodiversity, and marine research. In carrying out such research, CSOP gathered scholars from various academic disciplines.

The Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy is committed to developing multidisciplinary sub-projects that are closely tied to national strategic issues, including:

  1. Shipping and Safety Policy at Sea
  2. Marine Environment Protection Policy
  3. Humanitarian Policy at Sea
  4. Policy on Utilization of Marine Resources
  5. Law Enforcement Policies at Sea
  6. Marine Biodiversity Policy
  7. Maritime Research Policy


Law Faculty, Universitas Indonesia  Jl. Prof. Mr Djokosoetono, Pondok Cina, Kecamatan Beji, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16424